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Release Notes (3.0, 4.*, or Both) | ONTRApages Release Notes

4.2.20 5/25/2017

4.2.15 5/23/2017

4.2.9 5/18/2017

4.2.6 5/16/2017

4.2.1 5/15/2017

4.1.7 5/11/2017

4.1.3 5/4/2017

4.1.1 5/4/2017

4.0.56 4/25/2017

3.0.882 4/25/2017

4.0.53 4/20/2017

3.0.882 4/20/2017

3.0.875 4/13/2017

4.0.50 4/12/2017

4.0.46 4/10/2017

3.0.867 4/10/2017

4.0.42 4/4/2017

3.0.863 4/4/2017

4.0.40 4/3/2017

3.0.861 4/3/2017

4.0.39 3/30/2017

3.0.860 3/30/2017

4.0.33 3/29/2017

3.0.855 3/28/2017

4.0.32 3/27/2017

3.0.853 3/27/2017

3.0.851 3/23/2017

4.0.28 3/22/2017

3.0.850 3/22/2017

3.0.846 3/20/2017

3.0.844 3/16/2017

3.0.839 3/13/2017

4.0.22 3/9/2017

3.0.836 3/9/2017

3.0.834 3/8/2017

3.0.833 3/7/2017

3.0.831 3/6/2017

3.0.830 3/2/2017

3.0.829 3/1/2017

3.0.827 2/28/2017

3.0.825 2/27/2017

3.0.823 2/23/2017

4.0.1 2/14/2017

3.0.810 2/14/2017

3.0.801 2/7/2017

3.0.799 2/6/2017

3.0.796 2/1/2017

3.0.795 1/31/2017

3.0.789 1/26/2017

3.0.786 1/23/2017

3.0.785 1/19/2017

3.0.784 1/18/2017

3.0.783 1/18/2017

3.0.782 1/17/2017

3.0.781 1/12/2017

3.0.778 1/10/2017

3.0.777 1/9/2017

3.0.776 1/5/2017

3.0.774 1/4/2017

3.0.771 12/22/2016

3.0.770 12/21/2016

3.0.769 12/20/2016

3.0.766 12/15/2016

3.0.764 12/14/2016

3.0.761 12/13/2016

3.0.760 12/12/2016

3.0.758 12/8/2016

3.0.757 12/7/2016

3.0.755 12/05/2016

3.0.753 12/01/2016

3.0.752 11/30/2016

3.0.751 11/29/2016

3.0.749 11/23/2016

3.0.748 11/22/2016

3.0.747 11/21/2016

3.0.744 11/17/2016

3.0.743 11/16/2016

3.0.741 11/15/2016

3.0.739 11/09/2016

3.0.737 11/08/2016

3.0.736 11/07/2016

3.0.733 11/03/2016

3.0.732 11/02/2016

3.0.730 11/01/2016

3.0.724 10/27/2016

3.0.723 10/26/2016

3.0.722 10/25/2016

3.0.720 10/24/2016

3.0.717 10/20/2016

3.0.716 10/19/2016

3.0.713 10/17/2016

3.0.706 10/13/2016

3.0.704 10/11/2016

3.0.700 10/10/2016

3.0.694 10/06/2016

3.0.688 9/29/2016

3.0.687 9/28/2016

3.0.685 9/26/2015

3.0.682 9/22/2016

3.0.680 9/21/2016

3.0.679 9/20/2016

3.0.678 9/19/2016

3.0.674 9/15/2016

3.0.666 9/8/2016

3.0.662 9/7/2016

3.0.661 9/6/2016

3.0.660 9/1/2016

3.0.658 8/29/2016

3.0.657 8/25/2016

3.0.655 8/24/2016

3.0.651 8/18/2016

3.0.648 8/17/2016

3.0.643 8/16/2016

3.0.632 8/10/2016

3.0.626 8/9/2016

3.0.624 8/4/2016

3.0.622 8/3/2016

3.0.614 8/1/2016

3.0.608 7/27/2016

3.0.601 7/21/2016

3.0.597 7/20/2016

3.0.591 7/13/2016

3.0.583 7/07/2016

3.0.577 7/05/2016

3.0.570 6/23/2016

3.0.569 6/22/2016

3.0.566 6/20/2016

3.0.564 6/16/2016

3.0.563 6/14/2016

3.0.554 6/9/2016

3.0.547 6/7/2016

3.0.545 6/3/2016

3.0.539 5/31/2016

3.0.529 5/26/2016

3.0.525 5/24/2016

3.0.521 5/19/2016

3.0.520 5/17/2016

3.0.517 5/12/2016

3.0.511 5/10/2016

3.0.501 5/3/2016

3.0.493 4/28/2016

3.0.488 4/27/2016

  • Fixed issue with action buttons in Pending Commissions not responding correctly.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed placement and size issues with the Modal Video Block.

3.0.485 4/25/2016

  • Fixed issue with Marketplace shared templates notification email displaying broken images.
  • Fixed issue with credit card field label and placeholder text not updating on ONTRApages and ONTRAform Order Forms.

3.0.479 4/21/2016

  • Fixed issue with send from details not auto-populating for ONTRAmail Sequence Steps.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue with field name display for Date Sequence 'Specific Event' Steps.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue with Rule trigger 'When [Custom Object] is added to Tag'.

3.0.477 4/20/2016

  • Added ability to submit Task completion Form and complete Task on completion page with one click.
  • Fixed image sizing issue on 'Product Details' blocks.

3.0.476 4/18/2016

  • Fixed issue with ONTRAmail saving dialogue failing to close after sending a broadcast in rare cases.

3.0.473 4/14/2016

  • Added Automation Log entries for fields updated via Task Outcomes.
  • Fixed an issue with previewing ONTRAforms Thank You pages in the editor.

3.0.469 4/12/2016

  • Custom Objects: Added "Can Create/Delete Tags" user role permission.
  • We've made changes to increase email blasts delivery speed.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue with adding fields to ONTRAforms in new Objects.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue with sending broadcast and one-off emails to related Objects.

3.0.465 4/07/2016

  • Added the capability to copy and share direct links to individual ONTRAPORT Projects.
  • Linking an ONTRAform to another now creates a single contact rather than one for each form submitted.
  • Fixed issue with default quantities in Order Forms updating after form fillouts using different quantities.
  • Updated Customer Center payment information pop-up to prevent blank details. If the value is "blanked out" by the contact, the original value in the contact record will be retained instead of overwritten with the blank value.

3.0.463 4/05/2016

  • Fixed issue with incorrect encoding in Contact exports containing special characters.
  • Fixed issue with entering decimal quantities into the itemization section of Order Forms.
  • Fixed issue with exporting the Contacts Date Added field under Product Sales Logs.

3.0.460 3/30/2016

  • Fixed issue with 'State' and 'Country' options missing upon save of Smart Forms in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with selecting multiple Tags when using the image carousel in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with PayPal Standard not working in 'Test Mode'.

3.0.456 3/30/2016

  • Fixed issue with adding the Notes field to ONTRApage Form blocks.
  • Fixed issue with submitting Double Opt-in and Custom Invoices for approval in some languages.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRAmail image block images displaying incorrectly in the editor (Firefox only).
  • Fixed issue where Products that were created via an Order Form were stored with an incorrect price under the Products collection.

3.0.451 3/29/2016

  • Fixed issue with Groups based on 'Spent' field not populating.
  • Fixed issue with Memberships tab in Contact Record not loading post merge in some cases.

3.0.443 3/24/2016

  • Added the ability for the admin and manager Roles to restrict permissions for creating or deleting Tags.
  • Added Upsells to PilotPress 'Add Media' button for ONTRAPORT accounts.
  • Added the ability to delete objects via API.
  • Removed Void action from Purchase History.
  • Fixed issue with sending JSON / post data containing brackets via Ping URL.
  • Fixed issue with Contacts import not adding tags to the Manage Tags collection.
  • Fixed issue with custom send from settings on ONTRAmail broadcasts.

3.0.442 3/22/2016

  • Added First and Last Name fields to 'Manage Credit Card' area in the Contact Record.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRAmail divider block missing editing options.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRApages not counting conversions via ONTRAform on the page.

3.0.437 3/17/2016

  • Improved page tracking, specifically tracking.js, by serving via CDN. Pages containing the Tracking Script such as Landing Pages, WordPress sites, etc. will see speed improvements.
  • Fixed issue with custom send from settings on ONTRAmail broadcasts.

3.0.434 3/15/2016

  • Added tooltip to the Facebook Comments block for ONTRApages.
  • Updated the Help Dropdown menu with a new design and additional training resources.
  • Fixed issue with IMAP messages labels in Contact Logs. "Sent" and "Received" are now updating correctly.
  • Changed label in Automation Logs for updates that occur via the PilotPress Customer Center. The changes will now be labeled "API: WordPress Site Name" instead of "user actions".
  • Fixed Modal Video block functionality in ONTRApages and ONTRAforms. Removed extra editing buttons.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue with adding fields from more than one related Object to Smart Forms.

3.0.427 3/9/2016

  • Added 'objects/getInfo' endpoint to the new API. This can be used to display collection information such as 'Count'.
  • Added 'invoice_id' to API response after running a successful transaction.
  • Fixed issue with image editing in ONTRAmail Product Details block.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRAforms failing to pop up on mobile when linked to buttons on a pricing block.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRApages link tool setting for same window vs. new window.
  • Fixed issue with Automation Log not updating when overwriting a contact with new imported data.

3.0.416 3/3/2016

  • Fixed issue allowing Sequences saved during downtime or an outage to potentially lose data/Steps.
  • Fixed issue with group results for groups based on List Selection field values not pulling correct contacts.

3.0.412 3/1/2016

  • Fixed issues with PURLs in hosted ONTRAmail messages.

3.0.409 2/29/2016

  • Released new Block Selector for ONTRApages, ONTRAmail and ONTRAforms.
  • Released ONTRAforms and ONTRApages Form Connector for ONTRAPORT accounts.
  • Fixed issue with Group Action field changes not logging in the Automation Log.
  • Fixed issue with Rules based on Product purchase not running.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue with Form notification emails not populating with submission data.

3.0.406 2/25/2016

  • Added abbreviation merge fields for 'State' and 'Country'.
  • Fixed issue with "pop up on click" ONTRAforms not working on iOS devices and Safari private windows.

3.0.405 2/24/2016

  • Fixed encoding issue with importing special characters.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRAmail/Forms/Pages not accepting custom URLs containing merge fields that have spaces.
  • Fixed issue with Task completion for Tasks that had outcomes.
  • Fixed issue with emails not sending from the Partners collection.
  • Fixed issue with emails not sending from the Tasks collection.
  • Fixed issue with hidden billing fields being required on Order Forms.

3.0.404 2/23/2016

  • Fixed a display issue with Rule Outcomes list values.
  • Fixed issue with countdown timer blocks on embedded ONTRAforms not properly redirecting when countdown time ended.
  • Fixed issue where sequences created through workflow from the Contacts collection were not being added to the list as expected.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue that was preventing Date Sequences from firing.

3.0.400 2/17/2016

  • Fixed issue preventing invoices copied from the default invoice from being deleted.
  • Fixed issue causing an error upon save for some ONTRApages with embedded videos.
  • Fixed issue causing field 'Last Invoice #' to not update in certain situations.
  • Fixed broken Rule condition 'Is subscribed to Any Subscription Product'.
  • Fixed issue with link-shared Marketplace templates not loading edits in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with Task Outcome actions being required.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue causing Object Forms to not merge on existing contacts.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue with Forms opting out Objects from bulk mail when the Object had more than one email field.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue with Object Form Rules not running.

3.0.399 2/12/2016

  • Fixed issue causing embedded video to auto play audio in the ONTRApage editor.
  • Fixed issue with Ping URL post data not being properly escaped.

3.0.396 2/9/2016

  • Added Facebook Custom Audiences integration.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRApages copied blocks preventing page saving when an original block is deleted.
  • Fixed issue that was preventing certain Coupon Codes to load in app.
  • Fixed issue with hosted videos retaining the http protocol when hosted on secure ONTRApage Landing Pages.

3.0.395 2/8/2016

  • Fixed issue with Smart Forms not displaying the "Processing" image upon submit.
  • Fixed issue with Tracked Link destination URLs not saving correctly.
  • Fixed issue with color configuration for certain header blocks.
  • Fixed issue with certain ONTRApage images not displaying on live pages.
  • Fixed issue with the PayPal button staying active once removed from an ONTRAform.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRApages Form blocks not merging on cookie data even when set to do so.
  • Fixed issue resulting in an incorrect commission amount being clawed back when the Product's commission settings were changed post purchase. Now, the claw back will always equal the original commission.
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect Coupon Code merge fields being offered via ONTRAmail (ORM accounts only).
  • Fixed issue with Referring Page not updating correctly using ONTRAforms.
  • Fixed issue allowing more than one Smart Form or ONTRAform to be saved with the same name.
  • Fixed issue with migrated Legacy Landing Pages not displaying correctly in the editor vs. previewed or live. This only affected users with smaller displays.

3.0.389 1/28/2016

  • Fixed issue with Welcome Tour for new accounts.
  • Fixed issue causing the Product Grid to show (from hidden) after clicking into 'Payment Settings' in the ONTRAform editor.
  • Fixed issue with countdown timer blocks on embedded ONTRAforms not properly redirecting when countdown time ended.
  • Fixed issue with merge duplicates in ORM enabled accounts using unique fields.
  • Fixed issue with using API to update unique fields (ORM feature).

3.0.387 1/27/2016

  • Added Sales global settings to bundle Upsell purchases. This will bundle Upsell purchases on the email invoice and transaction in app.
  • Some ONTRApages Orderforms will now work without javascript.
  • Fixed issue with Users at 0% on Weighted Random Lead Routers still receiving contacts in rare cases.
  • Fixed issue with creating fields via ONTRAPORT Packages.

3.0.381 1/26/2016

  • Fixed issue with ONTRApage video blocks displaying a black border on Wistia hosted videos.
  • Fixed issue with Contact Tag rules not triggering when Contact Sequence permissions were denied for the User.

3.0.380 1/25/2016

  • Added automatic refresh to page collections, which is triggered upon clicking into a page/tab that was previously out of display for 10 seconds.
  • Added functionality to Groups. Now, copying a Group will retain the original Group's columns.
  • Added functionality to Smart Form editor. Double-clicking the Product grid will now open the Product editor.
  • Removed the ability to host ONTRApages and Landing Pages using your account subdomain, to prevent conflicts with the ONTRApages WordPress plugin.
  • Fixed issue allowing users to delete their in-use payment gateways. We now display a warning when attempted.
  • Fixed issue with multiple Smart Form blocks on the same ONTRApage not saving field requirements correctly.
  • Fixed issue causing some contacts to be placed on the beginning of an already progressed Sequence post merge. This only affected merges where both contacts were on the same Sequence (and exact same Step).
  • Fixed issue with Open Orders being generated after marking a declined manual transaction subscription as failed.
  • Fixed issue with exporting search results of greater than 50 contacts within a Group not generating.
  • Fixed minor issue on Legacy Landing Pages involving Smart Form name not populating in the Form Layer selector drop down (only when editing after initial save).

3.0.378 1/21/2016

  • Added warning when message size is greater than Gmail limits, resulting in clipped messages.
  • ONTRApages: Added color configurations and spacing in Divider blocks.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue with related object fields not pulling correct options for Related Object Data fields in one-to-one relationships.
  • Fixed Actions menu in Custom Domains to properly display buttons.
  • Fixed issue with Orderforms on ONTRApages not displaying ONTRAform lightbox on submit.
  • Fixed issue with non shippable products generating shipping amounts.
  • Fixed issue that was locking the interface when saving ONTRApages without blocks.
  • Fixed sizing issues with images on "Transmission" template for ONTRAmail
  • Fixed issue with ONTRAforms scroll when popped up before page load.

3.0.376 1/14/2016

  • Added the ability to create a new Product via workflow in the Coupon Creator.
  • Removed broken link in "New WordPress site" credentials pop-up.
  • Updated rule trigger names when Landing Page visits and PURL visits are selected.
  • Disabled the option to delete default invoices from Message Templates.
  • ONTRApages with an Order Form or Smart Form can now successfully be linked to an ONTRAform after Submit in the Form Settings Opt-In section.
  • Updated the Double Opt-In confirmation message editor notes.
  • Fixed issue with Order Forms Coupon field not displaying correctly on mobile.
  • Fixed issue that was causing declined free trials to trigger Rules based on "Purchases Product X".
  • Fixed issue that was preventing ONTRApages V1 subheaders editing.
  • Fixed issue with Coupon blocks not being mobile responsive.
  • Fixed issue with multiple form blocks on ONTRApages not collecting correct information.
  • Fixed issue with Paypal allowing a custom price entry if contacts entered in an invalid coupon code on an Order Form.
  • Fixed an issue with the submit button on ONTRApages form block giving an error when clicked in edit mode.
  • Fixed issue in Firefox with small images in ONTRAmail re-sizing in the editor if the user hovers over the suggested images.
  • Fixed encoding issue in the Customer and Partner Centers in WordPress.

3.0.373 1/13/2016

  • Updated the design of actions drawer.
  • When API credentials are incorrect we now respond with a 401 error, "401 Unauthorized Your App ID and API Key do not authenticate."
  • Fixed permissions for logging transactions to hide the action in the subcollection.
  • Fixed issue with deleting Rules in ONTRApage Form Block settings.
  • Fixed issue that was allowing non admin users to cancel accounts from the update CC screen on locked accounts.
  • Fixed issue with File Manager pagination not showing correctly.
  • Fixed issue with 'Last Ran' date and time not updating under ONTRAform settings.

3.0.372 1/7/2016

  • Added:"Send Test Email" now remembers last used email. If nothing, pulls from current user's email.
  • Removed: Option to add/manage users for ONTRAPORT Basic accounts.
  • Fixed issue with adding more fields to ONTRApage Form blocks with pages that have two Form blocks on one page.
  • Fixed issue with 'Processing...' graphic in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed issue where submitting an Order Form without an email field created two contacts.
  • Fixed issue with some long text fields being cut off.
  • Fixed issue with "change image" button in ONTRApages/ONTRAmail/ONTRAforms intermittently failing to respond when clicked.

3.0.371 1/6/2016

  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue with text block not adjusting to compensate for long copy.
  • Fixed issue in ONTRApages with hosted domain url hyperlink being broken when clicked in the app.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRAforms stats carrying over when Forms were copied.
  • Fixed issue with "copy from existing block" for ONTRAforms.
  • Fixed issue with column not displaying correctly when changing browser window size.
  • Fixed query issue with groups based on "postcards received".
  • Fixed in app link in Automation Logs where ONTRApages rules were redirecting to global rules screen. Now they correctly redirect to the ONTRApage edit screen.
  • Fixed button positioning in onboarding projects to properly border the bottom of the ONTRAPORT Projects menu.

3.0.369 1/5/2016

  • Added "Copy to Clipboard" button in Form Editor when OP hosts your form.
  • Fixed issue that caused the application to hang when submitting a page form linked to another form.
  • Fixed Issue with invoice preview when editing open orders in contact collections.
  • Fixed issue with the double opt in confirmation Send button becoming unclickable if a "send from" user was not selected and then re-selected
  • Fixed issue with Single-Opt-Ins acting like Double-Opt-Ins (DOI), sending DOI email and redirecting to DOI Thank You page.
  • The Email address field is now required by default in ONTRApages with Order Forms blocks.
  • Task Outcome rules word 'Sequence' to match ONTRAPORT brand.
  • In the Sales Settings page, we changed "Shipping Types" to "Shipping Methods."
  • In the Rule Editor, we made the box for Ping URL - Post Data expandable so that it's easier to read.

3.0.365 12/23/2015

  • Fix for Unsubscribe footer: The Address 2 value was not merging with info from Personal Profile.
  • ONTRAmail: Moved the Tracking Pixel to the top of the email, preventing it from getting clipped by GMail on longer messages.
  • ONTRAforms: Fixed a problem where position settings were not being applied.

3.0.364 12/22/2015

  • Added functionality to declined manual transactions: When the Product is a subscription, a declined manual transaction will create a past due open order when you choose to "run collections."
  • Fixed issue where drop lists could have two items highlighted on hover.
  • Improved searching accuracy in dropdowns.
  • Fixed issue with Personal Profile language preference not "sticking" the change on the front end.
  • Fixed issue with PURLs generating incorrectly for Landing Pages containing www in the URL.
  • Fixed display issue with Partner field conditions in Sales Reports groups.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed grammar issues on Product Grid menu in Order Form blocks.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed text display issue with Pricing Details block.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue with form setting thank-you redirect to "Pop ONTRAform Lightbox" for iPhone and Mac.
  • ONTRAforms and ONTRApages: Fixed issue with text block not retaining first text edit attempt.

3.0.361 12/21/2015

  • Fixed issue with cached API permissions.

3.0.352 12/16/2015

  • Added the ability for autoplay to be used in YouTube embed code.
  • Fixed an issue with Tasks being able to be saved without all the required fields being set.
  • Fixed a typo in the Email From Address page.
  • Fixed an issue with transaction status color consistency, specifically for refunds.
  • Fixed the issue where deleting fields in Field Editor could cause a "Delete Section" option to appear when there were still fields in the section.
  • Fixed issue with Sequences re-firing after double opt in confirmation from double opt-in optional Smart Forms if the contact was removed from the Sequence before confirming double opt-in

3.0.351 12/15/2015

  • Added: More Role Permissions to prevent a sub-administrator user from being able to add User Permissions to themselves.
  • Added: "Payment Settings" to Order Form blocks, right below the "Form Settings", providing an easy way to get to the Product Grid options.
  • Fixed: (ONTRApages) Alignment issue with menu items in one of the header blocks.
  • Fixed: Issue with text in blocks changing format when edited.
  • Fixed: Issue with palette editor display when screen zoomed out.
  • Fixed: Issue with the Field Editor's workflow creating 2 Bulk Email statuses.
  • Fixed: Issue with ONTRAforms, post-upgrade to ONTRAPORT, not being editable or viewable.
  • Fixed: (ONTRAforms) Issue with full screen mode not displaying editor correctly.
  • Fixed: Issue causing Rules to fire on field updates when merging contacts.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing font-changing with inline editor in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed: Issue with skipped pairs "caching" in the duplicates manager.
  • Fixed: Issue with multi step ONTRAforms not submitting correctly after exiting the first form.
  • Fixed: Issue with group contact count not decreasing properly when contacts are removed from groups with group actions.
  • Fixed: Issue with SMS message sent from a Sequence not displaying the source Sequence in Contact Logs.
  • Fixed: Issues (minor) with the Save/Cancel/Back operations in the Video Manager.
  • Fixed: Issue with display in Automation Log for entries containing certain special characters.
  • Fixed: (ONTRApages) Issue with the default "Thank You" page not dynamically scaling with screen size.
  • Fixed: Issue with blank Rules in Smart Form settings preventing the Form from saving/publishing.
  • Fixed: Issue with random scrolling when editing text via the ONTRAmail editor.
  • Updated: Initial text block template.
  • Updated: Made the logo smaller on double opt-in confirmation emails.
  • Updated: "Required" notifications on forms ONTRAPORT-wide to be mobile responsive.
  • Updated: 'select none' is no longer and option from a user's manager.
  • Updated: Clickbank Configuration for new Instant Notification URL.
  • Removed: Unnecessary options from shipping rules.

3.0.348 12/10/2015

  • Added: Events for unsubscribes and hard bounces to the Dashboard.
  • Fixed: Issue with sorting by headers in the upload history collection for contact imports.
  • Fixed: Issue with editing Text Layers on Legacy Landing Pages.
  • (ONTRApages plugin) Fixed: Issue with ONTRApages pages not displaying in navigation.
  • Updated: Instructions for installing ONTRAforms code.
  • Fixed: Issue with ONTRAmail messages not displaying when creating metrics on the Dashboard.
  • (ONTRAmail) Fixed: Issue with spam scores showing differently in the collection column vs Settings tab.
  • Fixed: Issue with # Sales and $ Sales metrics on the Dashboard.
  • Fixed: Issue with Dashboard metric trigger 'field is updated' not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Issue with Automation Log not logging contact opt-outs correctly.
  • Fixed: Issue with Personal Coupon group conditions not saving.

3.0.347 12/9/2015

  • Fixed: Issue provisioning new SMS numbers.

3.0.346 12/8/2015

  • Added: Separated Delete and Edit permissions for Contacts (and added None for both) in Admin>>Manage Users>>New User Permission Exceptions.
  • Added: Information regarding API permissions to the edit screen for keys.
  • Fixed: Issue where the 'Sell Your Products' button on Smart Forms were hidden for Plus accounts.
  • Fixed: Issue where the user menu could get stuck partway open if it was clicked too quickly.
  • Fixed: Issue with ONTRAmail hyperlink not getting copied in the plain text version correctly.
  • Fixed: Issue with coupon validation checkmark display on an ONTRApage Order Form block.
  • Fixed: Issue allowing HTML to be pasted into the ONTRApage text editor.
  • Fixed: Issue with international date format reverting to default in exports.
  • Fixed: Issue with ONTRapages not logging conversions properly.
  • Fixed: Issue with Tag changes displaying twice in the Automation Log.
  • Fixed: Issue with dropdown field value selection display in large groups.
  • Fixed: Issue with Smart Form TY pages not transferring as expected via OATS Packages.
  • Fixed: Issue where deleting custom fields could cause section deletion option to appear.
  • (Legacy Pages) - Removed: The ability to create videos via workflow.

3.0.345 12/3/2015

  • Added: New Required form fields dialog update.
  • Added: Functionality to do Sequence Group searching with Notes.
  • Fixed: Issue with ONTRAmail background images not displaying when received.
  • Fixed: Issue with Groups: Select field drop down opening up instead of down.
  • Fixed: Issue with permissions preventing the saving of Landing Pages (in certain situations).
  • Fixed: Issue with ONTRAform Sales Form quantity adjustment arrow alignment.
  • Fixed: Issue with emails displaying in HTML in contact logs.
  • Fixed: Issue with conditional Rules running on Task completion Forms regardless of whether the contact actually met the condition.
  • Fixed: Issue with text format (bolding) changing when text is selected to edit.
  • Fixed: Issue with login screen animation.
  • Fixed: Issue with Staff merge fields not populating in double opt in messages.
  • Fixed: Issue with invalid logins not generating helpful error message.
  • Fixed: Issue with missing Type column.
  • Fixed: Issue with hidden submit button on manual transactions in small browsers.
  • Fixed: Issue in the HTML email editor not allowing 'HTTP' protocol with merge fields in the URL that contain spaces.
  • Fixed: Issue with Order Forms not transferring via OATS.
  • Fixed: Issue with display statuses in Sales Reports for some accounts.

3.0.343 12/1/2015

  • Added Success/Decline Rules to ONTRApages V1 templates in the ONTRApages V2 editor.
  • Fixed: Upsell buttons are now disabled while the form processor is loading.
  • Fixed: Form settings configuration warning only appears if no form settings are configured.
  • Fixed: Issue with client logos blocks changing when testimonials are turned off.
  • Fixed: Issue with password changes in my account section.
  • Fixed: Issue with Rules based on Score not working.
  • Fixed: Issue with form connections screen not displaying connections and not saving screen.
  • Fixed: Issue with backgrounds on forms not showing when hosted.
  • Fixed: Issue with Order Form blocks missing in some Plus accounts.
  • Fixed: Issue with Tax rules not working correctly/not showing up in ONTRApages.
  • ONTRAforms - Fixed: the Preview button on the Form Templates page.
  • ONTRAforms - Fixed: Issue with Coupon Codes not working in popup ONTRAforms.
  • Custom Objects: Fixed issue with related object merge fields failing to populate in Tasks
  • Removed: system fields from form fillout notifications should be fine.
  • Removed: lingering selection bubble next to the credit cards graphic on ONTRApages Sales Pages and ONTRAforms

3.0.341 11/24/2015

  • Added 'saveorupdate' call to the new API:!/objects/createormergeObject
  • Fixed issue where Landing Pages required field warnings were sticky after field was filled.
  • Fixed issue with missing settings for one of the ONTRApages Smart Form blocks.
  • Fixed issue with image block alignment.
  • Fixed issue with block selection canvas growing with the size of the template.
  • Fixed issue with Quantity selection visibility on ONTRAform Order Forms.
  • Fixed issue with format changing when selected text was made bold.
  • Fixed issue where inline text was allowed outside of the canvas.
  • Fixed issue with products not showing in order form's product dropdown menu.
  • Fixed issue with exporting 'Website Subscriber' fields in relation with Group columns.
  • ONTRAmail - Fixed issue with ONTRAmail spam score.
  • Marketplace - Fixed issue with Marketplace showing two emails when shared.
  • Marketplace - Fixed issue with shared templates not displaying thumbnails correctly.
  • ONTRApages - Made response time improvements via template resource changes.
  • ONTRApages - Changed template selector's sort operation to a drill down select.
  • Removed ONTRAforms from Landing Pages Code Mode form drill down menu.

3.0.339 11/19/2015

  • Added a new "Processing..." image that displays when a form is submitted.
  • Roles are now alphabetized in the Contacts...Field Editor...Permissions view.
  • Fixed display issue with State field for Geolocation data for Western AU.
  • Fixed issue with automation logs showing package number instead of package name.
  • Fixed issue in the Affiliate Center where you could export the entire account's Clawbacks to a CSV, instead of only the user's clawbacks.
  • Fixed issue with some OP Plus accounts having Sales/Purchases tabs and filebox, and other OP Plus accounts not having these.
  • Fixed a typo in the error pop-up that occurs when a WordPress site has the same custom URL as a Landing Page.
  • Fixed small display issue that occurred after changing a Group name. (We now update the "Group sticky" to reflect the name change without a refresh.)
  • PilotPress - Changed wording for setting in PilotPress to read "Lock all users without Admin role out of profile editor."
  • PilotPress -Fixed issue with nesting PilotPress merge fields within shortcodes. Added membership levels to the page editor for use with the ONTRApages plugin.
  • Marketplace - Fixed issue with sharing templates: the wrong screen was popping up.
  • Marketplace - Fixed issue with shared templates showing in all.
  • Custom Objects - Fixed issue with Object field editor not getting saved in Chrome after moving lower fields.
  • Custom Objects - Fixed issue with deleting many-to-many relationships.
  • ONTRAforms - Fixed issues with some required-before-saving fields in the Landing Page Settings Tab.
  • ONTRAforms - Forms now show the correct thank you page in the Thank You Page column under the Smart Forms collection.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with "required" checkbox for Form blocks in ONTRAPORT Pro.
  • ONTRApages - In the upgrade form, we changed the placeholder text from "93103" to "Zip Code."
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with Billing Field labels in Order Form blocks disappearing after turning the fields on and off.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed validation for email address field in the account section.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with ONTRApages re-loading and refreshing on their hosted URLs.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with encoding in emails send from Rules on secure ONTRApages.
  • ONTRApages - Updated branding on Form settings.

3.0.338 11/17/2015

  • 3.0 - Fixed issue with 2.4 API Not Logging Correctly in 3.0.
  • 3.0 - Fixed issue with custom field changes in the Automation Log. Now, the change will display the readable value instead of a number.
  • 3.0 - Fixed issue where you could select Contact Tags as the field for the Global Rule trigger "A field is updated."
  • ORM - Fixed issue with a series of forms creating duped contacts.
  • Marketplace - Removed 3 templates: "By Author...ONTRAPORT," "By Industry...Coffee," and "By Tags...Recipes."
  • Marketplace - Fixed issue with shared templates not merging the Author's name correctly.
  • ONTRAmail - Fixed issue with bolding ONTRAmail text in Firefox.
  • ONTRAforms - Fixed issue with a changed document background not saving.
  • ONTRApages - Added forum link to the ONTRApages background settings popup screen.
  • ONTRApages - Added a new multi-item block to the Product Details section.
  • ONTRApages - Added top margin to copy block &copy block content to fit the same height as other block type selectors.
  • ONTRApages - ONTRApages are now autosaved when published or unpublished.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed wording issues on Upgrade dialogs.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with blocks not displaying.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with Aviary image editor not saving.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed a graphics issue with the upgrade dialog and added a progress/success indicator when upgrading.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with saving Form Connector in Firefox: it didn't close dialog.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with credit card zip code of 93103 (due to placeholder conflict).
  • ONTRApages - When users log in, if they've already created a page, we now drop them onto the pages collection instead of the template selector.
  • ONTRApages - We now strip autoplay=1 from YouTube videos in ONTRApages to prevent continuous reloading.
  • ONTRApages - We resized the green number bubbles in the Landing Pages all-templates view.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with inlined styles disappearing from blocks with the "real width" image flag.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with a Video Block that was missing its embed area.
  • ONTRApages - Removed the "ONTRAPORT hosted file" option from ONTRApages accounts.
  • ONTRApages - Removed the full screen option in, but kept it for

3.0.337 11/11/2015

  • Fixed a bug where list-type custom fields would overwrite old entries if a form was submitted with new list data. Now the list entries will be combined rather than replaced.
  • Fixed a minor bug with workflow when creating a new gateway. Now when a gateway is created through workflow it will be selected in the dropdown automatically after it is created.
  • Fixed an issue with editing and sending a one-off task message. The edits weren't being applied to the message that was sent out. This works correctly now.
  • Minor wording change in the field update success message.
  • Fixed issue with global rules that update based on manual updates to Membership/Website fields failing to fire.
  • Fixed display issue with Contact Header Info box in ONTRAmail v1 Bungalow template.
  • Fixed editing issues with ONTRAmail v1 Tripple Latte template.
  • Fixed an issue with handling certain characters in description of a coupon code.
  • Fixed display issue with open orders displaying all payment options instead of the option tied to the contacts' actual orders.
  • Fixed issue with default merge fields in custom field tabs not saving changes correctly.
  • Fixed issue with item maneuvering buttons on Order Form itemization. The arrow buttons to move the order of Products on an Order Form are now responding correctly to each click.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the User Permissions Exceptions dialog box.
  • Fixed the width of the Email field in the Ontraform template Zirconium.
  • Made the custom width input in Ontraforms only revert to its default value if it is left blank.
  • Fixed issue that caused the cursor to jump to the end of Smart Form name input while editing text that had been entered previously.
  • Fixed an issue with columns in collections not displaying correctly when they were less than 58px wide.
  • Fixed embedded Ontraforms not displaying at the correct width.

3.0.335 11/09/2015

  • Fixed an issue with orderforms on Ontrapages where quantities couldn't be changed when viewing the page on an iPhone.
  • Fixed alignment on conditions for Rules.
  • Fixed issue with Product Sales Log not calculating voids correctly.
  • Removed ability to edit the field requirement for the Credit Card fields on ONTRApages sales pages and ONTRAforms. Credit card fields will always be required, but CVC can be turned off if the payment gateway does not require CVC.
  • Fixed: Authorized IP Address collection "created on" was displaying data twice.

3.0.334 11/05/2015

  • Added error handling to failed refund attempts.
  • Fixed issue with error regarding saving an identically named Landing Page.
  • Fixed caching issue with files uploaded into the file manager that had the same name as files that were previously deleted.
  • Updated branding in Partner Center tooltip.
  • Changed some capitalization in Sequence > Task Step.
  • ONTRApages - Instead of having images be the default background for certain blocks, we've changed them to use the background image option so that when a user clicks default they can still use the color config options.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue in Pricing Options blocks: during text editing, some lines of text were breaking too early.
  • ONTRApages - The affiliate ID of an ONTRApages Free open order is no longer carried over upon upgrade.
  • Marketplace - Adjusted the appearance of the Back &Share buttons in the Share Content dialog.
  • ONTRAmail - Fixed some bolding issues in text blocks.
  • ONTRAmail - Fixed issue with spam scores.
  • Removed (refund, void, rerun commission) on transactions actions from refunded transactions statuses.

3.0.332 11/03/2015

  • Added ToolTip to Bulk Email Status field.
  • Added functionality to Forms attached to Tasks. When the Task is completed in app, the Form settings (Tags, Sequences, Rules) will apply to the contact record.
  • We now display an error message when attempting to upload a >200mb video.
  • Fixed issue with subsequent invoices generating with multiple items listed for Orders that included a one-time charge in addition to a subscription.
  • Fixed issue with not un-hosting a Landing Page after editing the URL.
  • Fixed issue with messages in OATS packages not displaying a subject line in the Messages collection immediately after installation.
  • Fixed issue with fields that are converted from short text to long still displaying in the column selector in the Contacts collection.
  • ONTRAmail: Fixed various image sizing issues in one text block and two product details blocks.
  • ONTRAmail: Fixed spelling error in Coupon Details block.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed the hover overlay for button block to make editing easier.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue in the "View by Author" or "View Favorite Authors" filtered group, where clicking the Preview option threw a console error and hung on the Loading... screen.

3.0.329 11/02/2015

  • The API approval process has now been streamlined for our customers.
  • Contacts added via an ONTRApage will have their Automation Log entry linked to the ONTRApage, rather than incorrectly to a Smart Form.
  • Fixed issue with Facebook connect not adding Contacts.
  • Fixed issue with the hidden merge field for Send Date under Date Fields: when inserted, the date formatter pop-up menu to configure the display did not come up like it should.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate Users being created when creating a Role via Workflow.
  • Fixed issue with clicking on pinned items.
  • Fixed issue with previewing Postcards leading to error page.
  • Fixed issue with a reset collection error occurring after creating a Group in the Sequences collection based on any field other than Name, Status, or Type.
  • Fixed issue with Groups based off of Contacts Tags > Contains > [Tag] and [Date Field] > Equal to > Blank not pulling all contacts that meet the conditions.
  • Prevented race conditions during account creation, whereby multiple accounts could be created if the signup happened quickly.
  • ONTRAforms - Fixed issue with previewing an ONTRAform template: a console error was thrown and the preview would not finish loading.
  • ONTRAforms - Fixed long Forms that were not scrolling as expected.
  • ONTRAforms - Fixed hello bars that could grey out the landing page like a "standard" ONTRAform.
  • ONTRAforms - Fixed Order Forms that didn't render in view when the link was far down the page.
  • ONTRAforms - Fixed issue with ONTRAform workflow when creating a link in an ONTRApage.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with out-of-sync radio buttons when unhosting a page.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with Canvas Overlays - Forms - Smart Form Blocks with horizontal input fields: they should only have grouped overlays, not individual overlays.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with out-of-sync radio buttons when unhosting a page.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with the first attempt to Upload / Browse for a file or image: the "Your Files" dialog popped up as expected but it was in a hybrid state, with no option selected (Browse vs. Upload), and all the option controls were visible.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with Content Block - Landing Page - Footers - Social Media Icons having both single and group overlays.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with Coupon Code field's display cut in half in when choosing certain font packs.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed issue with itemization not displaying correctly on ONTRApages.
  • ONTRApages - Fixed error and resizing issues with collections' column headers.
  • ONTRAmail - Fixed issue with color #000000 in Ontramail block.
  • Removed functionality to use merge fields for UTM fields.

3.0.327 10/28/2015

  • Fixed issue with creating new Campaign, Lead Source, etc. via Rule workflow.
  • Fixed issue with deleted users not clearing from cache.
  • Fixed issue with creating Groups via the not-equal operator in Sequences.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue with hex color codes not saving for text in any block.

3.0.324 10/27/2015

  • Fixed issue with importing Contacts using diacritic symbols.
  • Fixed issue with Coupon field's background color not matching other Order Form fields on an ONTRApage.

3.0.322 10/26/2015

  • ONTRApages: Added pop-up notification upon submission attempt on preview mode. Users need to submit on hosted ONTRApages and cannot test submissions in preview mode.
  • Fixed issue with allowing multiple subdomains on our https domains. This now only works for http sites.
  • Fixed issue with default merge fields not saving edits.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue with some previously existing Templates throwing Console error when clicking the Preview button in the editor.
  • ONTRApages: Increased the block type selectors' height.

3.0.319 10/23/2015

  • ONTRAport Projects
  • ONTRAforms
  • Marketplace
  • ONTRAport New Pricing Levels
  • ONTRApages Free &Premium
  • Fixed issue with contact search results failing to load after returning from clicking on a single contact
  • ONTRAmail: Fixed issue with "schedule and send" not sending the correct version of new ONTRAmail templates
  • ONTRAmail: Fixed issue with mobile-responsiveness on ONTRAmail text blocks

3.0.312 10/19/2015

  • Fixed an issue with the edit button in saved emails not working on the send email screen.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue with copying blocks into an ONTRApage from other ONTRApages.

3.0.311 10/15/2015

  • ONTRApages/mail: Added a copy button to the block overlay so you can 1-click to copy that block and its contents.
  • Fixed display issue when a date field is below an expanded list selection or drop down field when editing Group conditions.
  • Fixed issue with contact reassignment dropdown failing to populate users when one user attempted to delete another user.

3.0.310 10/14/2015

  • ONTRAmail: Fixed issue with button block in template 'Tasty' (and the block in general).
  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue in Timer Block: expired timers without a page redirect link prevented template from being scrolled.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue with header in 'Bulb' template not resizing gracefully on FF or IE.

3.0.307 10/07/2015

  • Fixed: ONTRApages v1 Gershwin pages were displaying the default settings in the editor, while preview and URL showed the actual changes.
  • Fixed: In ONTRApages/ONTRAmail, assigning a link to a button was causing the button's editor to disappear after saving the block.

3.0.306 10/06/2015

  • Fixed issue with Smart Forms creating duplicates during editing.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed missing images in the Cleanse template's previews and hosted page.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue with missing video blocks in the block selector.

3.0.305 10/01/2015

  • ONTRApages: We fixed ONTRApages tracking for people with custom domains.
  • ONTRAmail: Fixed issue with the Wrap long lines checkbox/plain text version.
  • ONTRAmail: Fixed issue with Copy From HTML button copying dummy text in ONTRAmail v1 templates.
  • We turned off the "Click here to learn" notifications for ONTRApages and ONTRAmail.

3.0.304 9/30/2015

  • Fixed issue with Tasks collection failing to load after Contact > Score is added as a column.
  • Removed "Pending Confirmation" SMS Status from the app since that status never applies to contacts.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed some spacing issues for header block #1.

3.0.303 9/29/2015

  • Our 3 new limited-release video blocks will be available to everyone by the end of today.
  • Fixed spelling error on Fulfillment List management page.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue with fields on Forms displaying the "true field name" in the editor.
  • ONTRAmail: Fix for template blocks' image centering.
  • ONTRAmail: Fix for Gmail formatting: font size, column width, and images were displaying incorrectly.

3.0.302 9/28/2015

  • ONTRApages: Added new smart form block with up to 4 fields and 1 button (availability is currently limited).
  • ONTRApages: Fixed mobile display for image in Sherbet.
  • The group editor in Tasks really only supports 2 levels (e.g., Assignee >> Role), so we removed the user's ability to drill down to deeper levels.

3.0.301 9/24/2015

  • Added some in-app ONTRApalooza announcements.
  • ONTRApages: Added 3 new video blocks (availability is currently limited).
  • ONTRApages: Fixed some responsiveness issues in Sherbet's image block.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed missing images in published versions of Sherbert.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed duplicate checkboxes for coupons in Evolved.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed the header block's divider appearance when drawn with large text.
  • ONTRAmail: Fixed some bugs in Hex.
  • ONTRAmail: Fixed a header appearance issue in Base.
  • ORM: Fix for rule in child object not firing when parent object field changes.

3.0.300 9/23/2015

  • We now pass itemized Product information to Stripe.
  • Fixed issue with Global Rules trigger "Last activity date updated" not firing.

3.0.299 9/22/2015

  • Released ORM to beta.
  • Added tooltips to Spam Score, Plain Text Version, Double Opt-In Message Selection, and Smartform Notification and Routing Settings.
  • Fixed issue with Rule conditions using the Personal Coupon drilldown.
  • Re-added the numeric commission rate boxes in the default New Partner Product pop-up box.
  • Made a slight update to the appearance of the video uploader.
  • Fixed issue with Custom Object Signup dialog hanging on "Sign me up!" or "Cancel."
  • Fixed typos on Get Partner Tracking Pixel page.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed error message that occurred when saving new ONTRApages.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed a crash that occurred if you try to add a block after attempting to save a blank page.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed extra "http://" in PURL merge fields in Messages.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed error message that appeared after dragging and dropping a png to upload.
  • ONTRAmail: Fixed issue with ONTRAmail v2 video blocks displaying off-center in the editor.
  • ONTRAmail: Fixed issue with not being able to choose templates after creating ONTRAmail from Sequence.
  • ONTRAmail: Fixed issue with Legacy ONTRAmail displaying incorrectly when sent.

3.0.298 9/17/2015

  • ONTRApages: Fix for the Settings tab of v1 Sales Pages - decline Rules have been restored.
  • ONTRApages: Fix for the Image block rendering consistently narrower than the surrounding blocks.

3.0.297 9/16/2015

  • Added flat rate commissions.
  • Fixed issue with IMAP not porting into the contact log.
  • Fixed issue with Smart Forms' placeholders on date fields causing fields to collapse on iPhones/iPads.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue with saving v1 ONTRApages and ONTRAmail.
  • ONTRApages: Fixed issue with from-scratch Form blocks freezing/triggering errors when custom fields were added.

3.0.293 9/15/2015

  • Added the ability to send a task notification to an email address in a merge field.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to update Dashboard Metrics.
  • Fixed issue with calendar placement in Tasks area when completing one Task and adding another one.
  • Updated endpoints.
  • Fixed issue with incorrectly formatted site URL on pop-up after creating new WordPress site.
  • ONTRApages: Updated the Video Embed code trigger so that it doesn't cause issues by saving too fast.
  • ONTRApages: Updated the Coupon Offer block's appearance in emails.

3.0.292 9/14/2015

  • Fixed issue with OATS packages containing custom fields not updating the Field Editor right away.
  • Fixed issue with the reset password link leading to an error message.
  • Fixed issue with Coupon Code validation on ONTRApages v2 pages.

3.0.291 9/10/2015

  • Changed how invoices generate for open orders: if a custom invoice is selected for the first payment, then each additional payment will generate the custom invoice. The invoices can be sent to the client via the "re-send invoice" button, viewed in the Customer Center, and viewed in the Purchases tab in the contact record
  • Fixed issue with custom invoice selections for open orders not sticking.
  • Fixed issue with approval of some Pending Commissions approving all of them.

3.0.289 9/8/2015

  • Released Ontrapages v2.
  • Released the new site.
  • Added Automation Log entries going forward for Contact Owner changes that occur when the Contact is created and when the Owner changes via Lead Router.

3.0.281 9/3/2015

  • Added labeling in the Automation Logs for Bulk Email Status updates that occur via SendGrid.
  • Added the ability to create shipping methods from the Shipping method list page.
  • Added the ability to create taxes from the Tax list page.
  • Fixed issue with Sales Reports numbers not adding up correctly.
  • Fixed issue with password creation page for new users.
  • Slightly changed Automation Log wording for Bulk Email Status changes that are contact-initiated.
  • Fixed issue causing scrolling to cease after adding ~15 Group conditions.

3.0.278 9/2/2015

  • We now show list selection field options when using GET on objects/getMeta and object ID 0 using the [new] API.
  • Added note to 'processManual' on, to let people know that trans_date is expecting time in milliseconds.
  • Fixed issue with passing the old billing address over to the payment gateway if the stored credit card was not updated along with the billing address.
  • Fixed issue with Main Header element on Mystique ONTRApages template displaying a border in error.
  • Fixed issue with assigning tasks after editing.

3.0.275 8/31/2015

  • Added error message that pops up after an invalid package code is added on the Account page.
  • Fixed typos and updated branding on the "Send to my webmaster" emails used to deliver Smart Form code.
  • Fixed issue with error message popping up when deleted Tasks were marked as complete.
  • Fixed issue with redirect conditions on Smart Forms. More specifically, the Notes field is no longer ignored when used in these conditions.
  • Fixed issue with new task not auto-selecting after it was created via the Notes &Tasks tab.
  • Fixed issue with new WP site not appearing in the list after it is created via the Memberships tab.
  • Fixed issue with error on picking subdomain for new accounts. Issue was- if you hit submit before we checked to see if the domain was taken, we'd say it's taken yet still add it. After that, you had to pick a new subdomain to use, resulting in two subdomains added to the account. The second subdomain added was being set to default, so more than likely didn't get the subdomain from the first try. Clients can contact Support to change their subdomain if they experienced this issue upon signup.
  • Fixed issue with Billing Address 2 displaying as "null" for logged transactions.
  • Fixed issue with new Partner Program not immediately appearing when created via the Referral Info tab.
  • Fixed display issue with ONTRApages Martini template Link 1 button.
  • Updated the error message for numeric fields on Smart Forms to say: "Please enter a numeric value."

3.0.269 8/26/2015

  • Fixed issue with missing columns in the email stats tab in some accounts.

3.0.266 8/25/2015

  • Added notification when sending double opt-in Message to all Contacts in a Group.
  • Added "Address 2" to the address update fields in PilotPress Customer Centers.
  • Fixed a display issue for the invoice status in the Group conditions of the Transaction Logs.
  • Fixed issue with the Contact ID drilldown links in collections that allowed users who do not have permissions to access the Contact record.
  • Fixed issue with New API returning all Contacts, rather than specified Contact ID.
  • Fixed issue with digital products ending up on packing slips.
  • Fixed issue with workflow from Tasks leading to a blank/frozen page.
  • Fixed issue with Task assignees reverting after editing Tasks via Sequences.
  • Fixed issue with existing Task outcomes not displaying in the "Add New Outcome" dropdown menu.
  • Fixed issue with daily and monthly options not working for packing slips.
  • Migrated all memcache usage to Redis.

3.0.261 8/19/2015

  • Added Last Activity field in the dropdown of available fields for Date Sequences.
  • Added a loading indicator to the form which creates a new item via workflow (ie, clicking "Create New" in a dropdown).
  • Fixed issue with deleted dropdown options still displaying in dropdowns when creating groups.
  • Fixed issue with Partner Groups yielding all contacts as values in the Partners Collection.
  • Fixed issue with Open Orders disappearing after changing next billing date.
  • Fixed issue with Open Order status not updating properly so that contacts were not pulled during report exports.
  • Capitalized 'Group' in the Group Actions drawer.
  • Trial information will no longer appear in the main offer when editing an Open Order (a second Open Order is created for trials, anyway).

3.0.258 8/13/2015

  • Added a config option for sending Fulfillment Lists as links that will always be available. Previously this only worked for files over 2MB.
  • Added a warning when attempting to add a half quantity -- 'Quantity must be an integer.'
  • The page title now updates based on where you are in the app. This title will show up in the title bar of your browser window or the name of the tab and will make multitasking a bit easier.
  • Fixed an issue where Rules could add membership levels incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with Task assignees reverting after editing Tasks via Sequences.
  • Fixed an issue with endless saving occurring in the Field Editor after editing custom fields in some accounts.
  • Fixed an issue with packing slips generating for non-physical products.
  • Fixed an issue with editing header numbers on the ONTRApage template 'Carnivale'.
  • Changed wording in Automation Log for Bulk Email Status updates that occur via Double Opt In Smart Forms
  • Removed 'Current Step' column from Date Sequence subscriber stats.

3.0.256 8/6/2015

  • Fixed issue with internal OATS package not installing hosted Forms correctly.
  • Fixed issue with Build a List Kickstart Kit not transferring Smart Forms.

3.0.255 8/5/2015

  • Increased Tag display limit in contact records.
  • Fixed issue with Firefox loading transparent video in some versions.
  • Fixed display issue with weekly and monthly settings for Shipping Fulfillment.
  • Fixed issue with downgrading SendPepper accounts.
  • Fixed issue with migrations causing PilotPress sites to not be linked post-migration.
  • Fixed issue with split tested email Sequence steps switching places after version B was added via workflow.
  • Fixed issue with overlap of the ONTRApalooza and "Getting started" ads.
  • Fixed issue where we were hiding the in-use thank-you page on Smart Form double opt-in settings (required and optional only).

3.0.253 8/4/2015

  • Restored the example address text for the "Use your own domain" option in the WordPress editor.
  • The Save button for the Facebook App editor now returns to the Facebook collection instead of to the Administration menu page.
  • Limited the number of drop down options to 100.
  • Prevented users from clicking into scheduled broadcast items.
  • Fixed issue with First and Last Referrer columns causing searching contacts to error out.
  • Removed Contact > Website Subscriber and Personal Coupon drilldowns from Sales Report group conditions.

3.0.251 7/30/2015

  • Automatic Log in for Zendesk redirected users.
  • Improved efficiency of IMAP email importing.
  • Fixed issue with "content" tracking variables displaying a collection reset error when viewed.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRAmail header images not appearing correctly.

3.0.249 7/27/2015

  • Added info pop-up for scrolling through Message lists longer than 1000: once you reach 1000 you will see "Please use search instead."
  • Fixed issue with fulfillment lists not being sent.
  • Fixed "undefined" text on Scheduled Broadcasts Message Details page.
  • Removed Website Subscribers and Personal Coupons from the Date Sequence...Rule Step...Specific Event dropdown menu.

3.0.246 7/23/2015

  • You can now search using the 'Gateway' column throughout the app.
  • Cleared deleted contacts out of sales reports and prevented them from remaining in reports going forward.
  • Fixed an issue in default merge, on save it would render "Changes will be lost" dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug where the default merge fields settings page had no save or back buttons.
  • Removed http protocols from hosted images on upsell buttons.

3.0.242 7/21/2015

  • Added improvements to searching parent field types (eg columns 'Contact', 'Product', 'Owner', etc.)
  • Added all integration partners forum link to the admin screen.
  • Fixed issue with searching by email address when using the 'Contact' column under Sequence stats (vs. the 'Contact > Name' column).
  • Fixed issue with Sequences not assigning Tasks after deleting the User being assigned the Task. (Defaults to admin now if secondary User is deleted.)
  • Fixed issue with postcard editor views (front + back) appearing to be disabled.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRApage Carnival Paypal element not able to be added back after it was taken off.
  • Fixed issue with merging Contacts causing Purchases to be lost in the merge.
  • Fixed issue with some Sales Report totals displaying inaccurate numbers for Purchases that involved taxable Products and Coupon Codes.
  • Fixed issue with Automation Logs logging field changes to same value.
  • Fixed issue with fields not aligning properly on some published Smart Forms.
  • Fixed issue with creating a new Ontramail template through Sequence workflow: an error was appearing that said that the object being created no longer existed.
  • Forced all Smart Form template references to use https:// instead of http:// to prevent issues when hosted on a secure page.
  • Removed the option to void a refunded transaction.

3.0.240 7/16/2015

  • Fixed issue with being able to Void and Refund the same Purchase/Transaction, resulting in erroneous commission reporting.
  • Changed 'E-Mail' to 'Email' in the Sequence Step Note title.
  • Fixed issue with extra HTML being appended to ONTRAmail templates.
  • The 'Facebook Connect' button now only redirects a contact once after opting-in. They can now navigate back to the page where the button lives. Also, you are NOT required to enter in a redirect URL and can prevent redirects altogether.
  • Repaired missing label on Image Manager button.
  • Updated Geolocation.
  • Fixed typos on Partners Commissions page.
  • Fixed issue with the Add Products pop-up dialog spawning the "Edit Quantity" dialog partially off the browser page.
  • Fixed issue with the Add Products pop-up dialog's hover options not appearing/disappearing as expected.
  • Fixed some display issues in the Invoice dropdown list.

3.0.239 7/16/2015

  • Fixed Issue where on Manual transactions when a transaction declined you did not get a popup asking whether you wanted to decline or send to collections.

3.0.238 7/15/2015

  • Added Last Activity and Date Modified to the exportable field options for Contacts.
  • Added ability to search the Contact's collection from within a Contact Record.
  • Fixed issue with limited number of options for columns in the Open Orders report. Added Gateway to the available column headers.
  • Changed Commision History wording from "View past commissions payments" to "View approved and paid commissions."
  • Removed: You can no longer expand Open Orders to edit. Instead, you must use the Actions menu > Edit.

3.0.237 7/13/2015

  • Fixed issue with unsubscribe links from merge fields.
  • Fixed issue with rules related to action on adding a contact to any sequence.
  • Added new limit of 50 results per API request.

3.0.235 7/9/2015

  • Added "Transactions Have Been Re-Run" pop-up message that displays after a user has manually re-run transactions in collections.
  • Fixed issue with unhosting in Legacy Landing Page.
  • Fixed issue with Address2 credit card field not storing properly.
  • Fixed issue with broken unsubscribe links generated from the [unsub_link_raw] merge field.
  • Fixed issue with "please note box" displaying incorrectly when creating a new Invoice.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to rename existing custom fields.
  • Fixed issue with group headcount displaying an incorrect number when groups were using certain conditions.
  • Fixed spelling error in Romania unsub language pack.
  • Fixed issue with PilotPress/Customer Center and the WordPress "Remember Me" function not working as expected.

3.0.229 7/8/2015

  • Fixed issue with Upsell button images that were not secure when Upsell was hosted on a secure domain.
  • Fixed issue with new dropdown field values not populating in Forms and Contact records.
  • Fixed issue with IMAP mailbox not refreshing after attempt to connect with a different email address.
  • Fixed issue with Invoices displaying incorrect amount for grand total on recurring payments that had different totals.
  • Fixed issue with Email link tracking not recording properly.
  • Fixed issue with the Actions menu's dropdown lists losing their scroll bar.
  • Fixed issue with Automation Logs where "Sequences: UNKNOWN" entries appeared for Rules triggered by deleted Sequences.
  • Changed 'Has Visited PURL' to 'Landing Page Visited' for Group criteria. This will encompass both PURL and Landing Page visits.
  • Fixed issue with File Manager page index when sorting by a tag.
  • Fixed issue with multiple products on Order Forms not functioning properly.
  • Fixed text-bolding issue in Telomere ONTRAmail template.
  • Fixed issue with Email FROM address setup confirmation email.

3.0.227 7/6/2015

  • Added: Added Stats tab for Code Mode Landing Pages to enable viewing of split test stats.
  • Fixed display of Coupon Code products selector in Firefox on Windows.
  • Fixed ONTRAmail spam scores that displayed differently in message library vs editor settings tab.
  • Fixed issue where calendar was placed behind the Manage Groups button.
  • Changed: Previously, we always ticked all subscription checkboxes on the unsubscribe/manage subscription form. Now we only tick the sequences for which the user clicked unsubscribe.
  • Fixed issue with open order displaying as past due after Collections payments were voided.
  • Fixed issue with Video Player's seek bar. It is now functional in WordPress.
  • Fixed some typos in a Coupon Code warning message.
  • Fixed an error message warning that appeared after saving a new IMAP profile.
  • Fixed issue with Coupon Codes: $0 transactions were being sent an Authorization charge.
  • Fixed issue with tags from CSV imports not populating in Groups.
  • Fixed issue with deleting all duplicate contacts from the Merge Duplicates screen.

3.0.225 6/30/2015

  • Added: Now using sprites for images to reduce initial load requests.
  • Fixing wording issue on the Contact Merge Tool screen (export option showed as 'Export [object_plural]' instead of 'Export Contacts').
  • Fixed issue with 'Order Date' column not sorting as expected in the Product Sales Log Sales Report.
  • Fixed error message that occurred when buying a German SMS number.
  • Fixed typo in a popup warning for Messages.
  • Fixed issue with annual package dialogue not allowing user to navigate after manually opening it.
  • Fixed issue with "Lost your password?" link not actually resetting the password. The Customer Center and the app itself were NOT affected by this issue.

3.0.223 6/26/2015

  • Fixed issue with task notification encoding for languages using other characters.
  • Newly created hosted WordPress sites will use version 4.2.2.

3.0.217 6/22/2015

  • Added time zone to 'Last ran' time in Sequences. We also changed the wording to 'Last ran' from 'Last run'.
  • Added more countries in the SMS number creator.
  • Adding a new WordPress site via Contact Workflow was not returning to the correct location. It will now return to the Contact that was being edited.
  • It is no longer possible to set any role as the manager of the Administrator role.

3.0.216 6/18/2015

  • Added: Contact Imports can now merge on Contact ID.
  • Fixed issue with using the Action menu's "Add/Remove Tags" option to remove Tags from selected Contact(s).
  • Disabled spellcheck for Order Forms with Coupon Code fields.
  • Fixed issue with not allowing dates greater than 2038 to be entered.
  • Fixed issue in Gerswhin ONTRAmail template: it now adds a Tracking Script.
  • Fixed issue for Groups using the condition "Does Not Contain" "Any Sequence": these now function as intended.
  • Fixed issue with Sales Reports not exporting.
  • Fixed issue for Groups using the condition "Filled Out Form": these now function and populate as intended.
  • Fixed issue with completed tasks getting rescheduled along with pending tasks.
  • Changed display appearance in the Automation Logs for Bulk Email and Bulk SMS field updates.
  • Fixed issue in step 3 of merging 2 contacts: the field "Last Note" was available when it should not have been.
  • Fixed issue with adding a WordPress site: it now automatically updates the website URL to remove http:// if included.

3.0.211 6/17/2015

  • Added: A Select All button for the states and countries in a Smartform.
  • Fixed: Prevented duplicate Coupon Codes when editing a Coupon.
  • Fixed: Updated countries list throughout the app. NOTE: If using HTML Smart Form code, will need to be re-generated and updated to see the changes.
  • Fixed: Import settings usage agreement now requires bounce rate of less than 7% and a complaint rate of less than 0.35%.
  • Fixed: In date conditions for Groups, all date fields inherited the value of the first date.
  • Fixed: Lowercased the word 'buyer' in the Offer editor on Order Forms.
  • Fixed: Minor issue with line spacing on Group labels in Contacts collection.
  • Fixed: Account details showed 12/31/1969 as next charge date after changing to yearly subscription.

3.0.210 6/15/2015

  • Added 'Incoming' and 'Outgoing' to phone calls logged under Notes.
  • Fixed: Importing CSV merging contacts if a match is found in Contact ID is not allowed and has been removed from the drop down.
  • Fixed: Issue with 'Net' column including refunds and voids in the Transaction Log.
  • Fixed: Pop-up warning message on the SMS Purchase screen.
  • Fixed: Misspelling of "Quantity" in the Offer grid settings.
  • Fixed: Tag names are required to be non-blank.
  • Fixed: ONTRApage Carnivale credit card graphics could not be toggled back on after it was toggled off.
  • Fixed: In the Messages collection, the opened/clicked percentages were showing as 0% unless the Sent column was enabled.
  • Fixed: ONTRApage Two-Point-Oh download button could not link to a legacy landing page.

3.0.201 6/11/2015

  • Fixed an issue with Smart Form Rules not saving after entering into workflow via the Rule action.
  • Fixed an issue with Sales Reports not exporting.
  • Fixed an issue with the ONTRAmail messages not displaying a subject in the Messages list.
  • Changed the title of the Sales->Settings page from "Sales Reports" to "Sales".
  • Fixed an issue with adding and deleting membership levels for a new Wordpress site.

3.0.196 6/9/2015

  • Fixed an issue with 12:30 AM displaying incorrectly in Sequences when using the 24-hour time format setting.
  • Fixed display issue in contact records for contacts with long names and email addresses.
  • Fixed an issue with a 404 error appearing after custom date fields were edited in contact records.
  • Fixed an issue with the X icon alignment on lightbox Forms.
  • Fixed an issue with navigating to the second page of task outcomes when editing a task message.
  • Changed the editor for the Header Group sections in the Carnivale ONTRApage template to make the section numbers editable.
  • We no longer require HTTP or HTTPS for UTM links.
  • Fixed a graphical issue where custom fields with the "address" type didn't show their field type in the editor.
  • Removed "Charge on Next Recurring Billing Date" option for manual transactions.
  • Fixed an issue with Smart Form selector in Tasks messages missing some Forms from the dropdown.
  • Fixed an issue with Automation Logs displaying the wrong sequence being subscribed or unsubscribed when is was part of a rule with multiple actions.
  • Fixed a display issue with Rules using Date Fields in Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue with navigating Rule drop downs using the arrow keys.
  • Light Box Forms will now pop up in the center of the current view, rather than the center of the page itself.
  • Fixed issue with Field Editor columns displaying incorrectly in Chrome 43.

3.0.194 6/8/2015

  • Fixed an issue where links in Task Notification Messages would sometimes lead to an error page.
  • Fixed an issue with conditional redirects in Smart Forms where custom URLs would all get set to the first URL in the list.
  • Fixed an issue with product names not displaying on open orders after the product had been switched from one product to another.
  • Fixed the images on the Carnivale ONTRApage so that they can be edited properly.

3.0.185 6/3/2015

  • Optimized the app to make fewer database calls, and cached extra often-used keys.
  • Added additional permission options to Roles.
  • Fixed: Could not save a date value when using Website Subscribers Last Login as a condition.
  • Fixed: Recharge Settings were not running when a manual transaction failed and was marked as Collections.
  • Fixed: The Automation Log was logging (the new) API updates as updates made by a User.
  • Fixed: When accessing the customer center from Firefox, the popup window to update payment information was generating without a scroll bar.
  • Fixed: Next Charge Date was fluctuating based on computer time zone when creating a manual transaction.
  • Removed permissions from the Field Editor for sub collections.

3.0.183 6/2/2015

  • Added a 'Leads Routed' column to the Lead Router collection.
  • Changed the wording and drop down size on Dashboard for Tag conditions/criteria.
  • Fixed: Removed the error message that appeared during Role creation.
  • Fixed: When the header column for Website subscribers > membership level was added to the Contacts Collection, the "reset collection" error message appeared.
  • Fixed: Users could not export a group in Transaction Logs with additional Contact Fields selected.
  • Fixed: The maximum number of Roles displayed when editing permissions for the Field Editor has been increased from 10 to 50.
  • Fixed: Removed an unnecessary warning message from the Facebook App editor and fixed the editor to return to the Facebook App collections page instead of to the Admin Tools page.
  • Fixed: On hosted Forms, the required fields were outlined with red text before a submission attempt was made.
  • Fixed: Removed an unnecessary warning message in the Video Manager.

3.0.180 5/29/2015

  • Fixed issue with 'Send From' address not auto-populating when scheduling a broadcast of an ONTRAmail message.
  • Fixed issue with merged contacts not showing up in groups based on products purchased.
  • Fixed issue with Landing Page visits not logging with the correct label for ONTRApages.

3.0.179 5/27/2015

  • Added a warning to all editors that will warn when you are leaving the page with unsaved data. Recently this was added to the Email message editor, but it is now on all editors.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Name' field would be automatically re-added to the field list when exporting contacts.
  • Fixed issue with 'Total $ Unpaid Transactions' column not populating in sales reports.
  • Fixed issue with custom fields not populating in tasks.

3.0.176 5/21/2015

  • Fixed issue with Purchases Group not saving Tag criteria.
  • Fixed issue with timestamp not being shown on Notes added via API.
  • Fixed issue with Notes and custom field data not merging properly under certain conditions.
  • Fixed issue with the Carnivale template: the default expiration dates were causing incorrect date errors, so we've removed these defaults.
  • Fixed issue with the Continental Smart Form: when users tried to submit without filling the required fields, we only outlined the boxes in red. Now we also show a pop-up message for each missing field.
  • Fixed issue with tracking variables that contain special characters duplicating after first opt-in.
  • Removed option to void transactions that have already been voided.

3.0.175 5/20/2015

  • All instances of 'Auth Only' now say 'Collections' instead. This means Purchase and Transaction History now match status-wise.
  • Fixed: Coupon codes designated with a Discount Type of percentage were showing dollar amounts in the Discount Value column. These will now display the percentage instead.

3.0.173 5/18/2015

  • Fixed: Adding the new Facebook app was triggering an error code.
  • Fixed: Split testing appeared to be removed/turned off after opening and closing the split tested step in the editor.
  • Fixed: After creating an Email field type for an object, the resulting field was missing a label to designate the type of field.
  • Fixed: Country field was not updating the SMS Number field to include an appropriate country code, defaulting to US country code 1.
  • Fixed: The Website subscribers > status field was not updating via a Rule action.
  • Removed the option 'Current' from Tasks. Clients can now use 'All' instead (with completed Tasks hidden).
  • Removed the option to change the value of the Membership Level field via a Rule, should be a dedicated rule to accomplish that.
  • Removed the option to select Order Forms to be filled out upon task completion.
  • Removed the option to change the value of the Last Login field via a Rule.

3.0.171 5/14/2015

  • Added a warning when exiting the Message Editor with unsaved changes.
  • Added "Any field" as an option for the Rules trigger "A field is updated."
  • Fixed issue with Sales Report search not working with sub-collection columns (specifically Contact > Email).
  • Fixed issue with exporting the last Note.
  • Fixed issue with required fields display on the Interstellar ONTRApage template.
  • Removed the ability to select all items in a Collection while the Collection is loading (to prevent issues with mass actions).
  • Removed the "eWAY Token" option from the Gateway dropdown list.
  • Removed options to Refund and Re-run Commissions on voided transactions.

3.0.170 5/12/2015

  • Fixed recurring error message: "Sorry, but it appears this [Medium] no longer exists."
  • Fixed issue with PURL visits lacking a consistent type in the contact history.

3.0.169 5/7/2015

  • Fixed issue with invalid coupons generating invalid HTML in error messages.
  • Fixed grammar and brand wording throughout the "No Contacts Yet..." screen.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the Date Field from being visible when exporting Open Orders from Sales Reports.
  • Updated date format examples in the admin menu to remove ambiguity.
  • Fixed issue with "Billing Address" appearing twice when you "Sell Products" on a Smart Form.
  • Added checks to prevent bad email formats during the creation of new Fulfillment Lists.
  • Fixed an issue with attaching downloadable files to a lesson in the Membership Plugin.

3.0.167 5/6/2015

  • Released a new feature, Automation Log, into app. See for more info.
  • When changing the value of a field for everyone in a group at the same time, and the field being changed affected who was in the group, the number of members of the group wasn't updating. This has been fixed.
  • Updated our Facebook code to no longer use deprecated functions.
  • Fixed issue with being able to re-run/approve a commission more than once. This was causing faulty commission statistics in the Partner Center, etc.
  • Fixed issue with field editor where it wasn't possible to move a section to a new tab.
  • Fixed issue with invalid coupons generating invalid HTML in error messages.

3.0.165 5/5/2015

  • Added error message when using special characters with Promo Tool name. ("This field may not contain the characters '[', ']', '<', '>' ")
  • Added functionality to the Messages editor to make the preview window larger.
  • Added loading dots to Transaction Logs page.
  • Added additional permission options to Roles.
  • Fixed issue which prevented sending (or scheduling &sending) an Ontramail through the One-Off Message workflow.
  • Fixed issue with Dashboard metric "$ Sales Today" counting purchases that were logged for a previous date on that day.
  • Fixed issue with Order Form Rules running twice when Contacts pay with Paypal.
  • Fixed issue with switching between "Group: All" and new groups: these collections will now retain their sort functionality as expected.
  • Fixed issue with Double Opt-In Messages: the unsubscribe link's raw merge field no longer redirects to error page.
  • Fixed issue with Sales > Reports > Customer Value Report failing to load.
  • Fixed issue with the Facebook Connect button code in Administration > Facebook: it contained deprecated and unapproved code.
  • Fixed issue with error message when Landing Pages have the same name.
  • Re-sized columns will now be saved after exiting the Product Sales Log.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect display when editing open orders. (The status in the title when editing was showing "[object][object].")
  • Fixed issue with message names not always displaying under the Broadcast Scheduler Viewer. This was happening with long message names only.
  • Fixed issue with Landing Page Two-Point-Oh not allowing Merge Fields to be inserted into the main header element.
  • Fixed issue with exporting contacts from the Account area. (The list was never sent or shown in export history.)
  • Fixed issue with the Spent field updating with each transaction, even transactions in collections: (1) A transaction in collections upon creation should not update the Spent field. (2) The total of the Spent field should match the total of all of the successful transactions only.
  • Fixed issue with the email editor scroll bar not displaying for long messages.
  • Removed permissions from the Field Editor for sub collections.

3.0.160 4/30/2015

  • Fixed issue where Tasks assigned to a contact from the "Notes and Tasks" tab of the contact record weren't being added.
  • Fixed issue with "view on webpage" link not working in the New Threads ONTRAmail template. We weren't including the merge field [Hosted_Email_Link].
  • Fixed issue with one off email broadcasts that could cause the send button to become unclickable.
  • Removed option to add links to text for Bullet Links in the Tabloid ONTRAmail template. The Bullet Links themselves are meant to be linked, rather than the text. Linking both conflicted.

3.0.157 4/27/2015

  • Fixed an issue where images would be broken in ONTRAmail templates after editing them repeatedly.
  • Added UI elements in for exporting data in places where they should have been but were missing.
  • Added time zone information the scheduled broadcasts page and to the notification that pops up when scheduling a broadcast.
  • Fixed an error that prevented sending one-off task messages.
  • Fixed an issue with totals not displaying for numeric columns in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue with the product sales log report not loading properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Customer Value sales report not displaying data.
  • Fixed an issue with imports breaking when attempting to import to the SMS field.
  • Fixed an issue where a group that was selected would not stay selected when navigating away from the page and coming back.
  • Fixed an issue that caused links to deleted contacts to lead to a blank page. They will now lead to the Contact List.
  • Fixed an issue where rules weren't being triggered by the total amount spent.

3.0.154 4/21/2015

  • Added functionality to 'Send Test Email'. When clicked, the text field will be active and enter will now submit.
  • Fixed an issue with page number showing in a Group that did not have more than 1 page.
  • Removed the 200MB file size limit when uploading videos.
  • Removed the number of the current step from the date sequence display when viewing a contact's details.

3.0.153 4/16/2015

  • Fixed issue in which dropdown field values were not exporting via Fulfillment List or Exports.
  • Fixed issue where un-hosted Ontrapages were still hosted unless deleted.
  • Fixed some minor branding issues in which ONTRAPORT was not capitalized.
  • Fixed typo in the "Zimbabwe" field of the Country dropdowns.
  • Fixed issue where search results could finish before a collection had completed loading. This caused possible issues with displaying the contents of the collection.
  • Fixed text alignment of the "When" column in Contacts...Assign Task...Task Notifications.
  • Fixed Save issue for Workflow: Workflow now saves schedule/timing settings if you leave a new Date Sequence Step to create a new message, and then come back.
  • Fixed issue where you could not search for contacts by data that was entered in custom numeric fields.
  • Fixed issue with conversion stats not updating in Landing Pages.
  • The gateway field can now be used in Sales Reports system wide.

3.0.148 4/15/2015

  • Fixed issue with not being able to save the number of displayed records on Sequence Subscribers page.
  • Improved performance when loading Contacts, Messages, and Landing Page collections.
  • Fixed 1ShoppingCart integration to support multiple coupons.

3.0.147 4/13/2015

  • Added functionality to 'Send Test Email.' When clicked, the text field will be active and pressing enter will submit the input and send the email.
  • Added a warning when sending a one-off message to a contact or group of contacts that contains invalid/empty email addresses.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to send double opt-in messages using 'All in Group'.
  • Creating a coupon code with the same name as another existing one will now show an error message instead of just failing to save.
  • Fixed issue with toggling between hiding and showing completed tasks that would cause the collection on the page to show incorrect information.
  • Promo Tools will now appear as merge fields in messages without needing ro refresh the page after they are created.
  • When creating a new user role through workflow, you can no longer set the new role as its own manager.

3.0.145 4/09/2015

  • Added the ability to disable Split Test A on Landing Pages in case the user needs to temporarily take A out of the rotation for editing.
  • Fixed an issue where Dashboard metrics became uneditable after the ESC key closed the editor window. Now the metrics can still be edited after the ESC key is pressed.
  • Added pop up notifications in file manager to warn the user if the file size exceeds the maximum of 200mb.
  • Spelling update across the app: changed "E-mail" to "Email."
  • Fixed issue with ONTRApage meta data formatting.
  • Fixed issue with OATS not copying over PingURL rules.
  • Moved Search boxes on the Message Stats page from the left side of the window to the right side of the window. This placement is consistent with the rest of the app.
  • Fixed a drag-and-drop issue in the Contacts Settings page: dragging sections between tabs would sometimes deactivate the Save button. Now Save should always work for these types of section changes.

3.0.142 4/07/2015

  • Fixed issue with no Contacts being displayed after doing a very specific set of actions.
  • Fixed issue with date ranges not working in Product Sales Log.

3.0.141 4/06/2015

  • Export will now remember the fields you used in your last export on a per-Group basis. If you haven't exported the Group before, it will default to the current columns in the Group.
  • Added more-informative column labels in Message Stats to help users differentiate between "Unique Clicks" and "All Clicks."
  • Added 'type' header to Landing Pages collection.
  • Updated Personal Profile timezone labels: Moscow has been removed from the +4:00 Abu Dhabi label and added to the +3:00 Baghdad label.
  • Fixed issue with the HTML editor shrinking after the user viewed the Message source.
  • Fixed issue with searching in a different date format. E.g., if account uses international date format, user can now search with the international date format.
  • Fixed issue with sticky drop down positioning: tucked the auto scrolling to selected drilldown value and turned it off for the column editor.
  • Fixed issue with the Tag field disappearing from Manage Groups after the user created a Tag-based Group in Purchases.
  • Fixed issue with the Search function in Landing Pages: when you searched for an item, the number would display correctly but the content didn't show up.
  • Fixed issue with keeping incorrect 'Last CC Status' when merging two Contacts. We are now basing on the newest result / transaction.
  • Fixed issue with timestamp not being shown on Notes added via API.
  • Fixed issue with creating Sequence drafts via a Smart Form: after editing > saving the draft, it would create a new Sequence. It now saves the existing draft as expected.
  • Fixed issue with default merge fields not showing up in test emails.
  • Fixed display issue on IMAP settings page showing 'undefined' in the title section.
  • Fixed issue that caused importing Contacts with multiple Sequences and or Tags to be imported incorrectly.
  • Removed Refund, Re-Run Commission, and Re-send Invoice actions from Declined Transactions collection actions.

3.0.139 4/02/2015

  • Added "Business Country" as an option in the Merge Fields list.
  • Added a column for "Email Subject" on the Split Testing view on the Sequences Stats page.
  • Fixed redirect to error page issue for Users who have permissions to copy Messages, but not to edit Messages.
  • Fixed issue with the Sales > Settings > Recharge Settings losing their values when the back button was clicked.
  • Fixed issue with Date format showing as year 2020 when a transaction is logged manually.
  • Fixed issue with the Licensees Object's Field Editor displaying "Section Description" text even if the description is unedited.
  • Fixed issue with time zone stamp displaying based on Personal Profile. The stamp is now based on browser's time zone to match the time that was already based on browser.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to drill down into "Website Subscribers" to use as the Contact's collection column.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRAmail template for Zero Hour. When attempting to view and edit Zero Hour, the template selector appeared instead of the message itself. The same issue happened with copied versions of the message. When attempting to go back to the Messages collection, an unresponsive script error occurred.
  • Fixed issue with the Cancel button not working in the Smart Form editor.
  • Removed the "Add Column" button from the Filebox in the Contacts' Notes &Task page. Columns on Filebox aren't editable and clicking it would cause the app to crash.

3.0.138 3/31/2015

  • Made some group collection changes to reduce database load.

3.0.133 3/30/2015

  • Fixed issue with the Triple Latte newsletter template not allowing color changes in the Event Day sections. Also fixed a typo in the title of the "Event 4 Day" section.
  • Fixed issue with malformed URLs when creating a tracking URL. Previously, the URL generator did not give an error message when an invalid URL was entered. For example, a space before http was just adding an extra http.

3.0.130 3/26/2015

  • Launched a new feature that allows users to merge duplicate contacts. Click Here for more info about Merge Contacts.
  • Fixed the Carnivale Ontrapage to hide Paypal element if Paypal gateway is not in use.
  • Added PURLs column/option to Fulfillment Lists.
  • Added "sticky" drop down positioning. For example, when clicking on the Group drop down, the Group you're in currently will be already selected.
  • Fixed an issue with the Sequence edit button covering dropdown options within a sequence step.
  • Fixed autoselect of group names so that clicking the name before the group loads does not unselect the name.
  • Changed Field Editor to not allow edits to be saved if fields are missing that weren't deliberately deleted by the user.

3.0.127 3/23/2015

  • Fixed issue with creating new Image Manager Tags. Previously, creating a new Image Tag would add a blank Tag to the list, and then you would have to remove it and add the Tag you just created.
  • Fixed issue with accented symbol in Form fill out history. Previously, a foreign character would prevent a Form fill out from logging properly in the contact history because the foreign characters would not pass into the actual form fill out log.
  • Fixed issue with Sequence hover displaying wrong Step # in the Contact Record. Previously, all contact records would show contacts on step 1 of all sequences, regardless of what step they are actually on.
  • Fixed issue where the Contains criteria for Tags wasn't working for Rule Steps.

3.0.126 3/19/2015

  • Added new Rule outcome to cancel any Open Order containing [Product].
  • Because passwords for WordPress websites are randomly generated, there was a very small chance that a generated password would contain no numbers, which is an invalid password in WordPress. The PilotPress plugin no longer has a chance to generate invalid passwords.
  • When manually adding a Contact to a sequence from the Contacts list, some text on the Actions menu was misalligned and overflowed out of its border. The alignment has been fixed.
  • Now when selecting a group, the group name will be highlighted automatically with a single click. This makes it faster and easier to switch between groups - just click the group selection dropdown and type the name of another group.
  • Information about Emails that had been sent was not being loaded correctly in the Contact History log. The subject line and message body weren't showing up. This has been fixed and all Information about the message displays correctly now.
  • The First Referrer and Last Referrer merge fields were not available in the merge field drop down when creating a message. They have been added.

3.0.123 3/18/2015

  • Fixed bug in ontrapages. Could not edit content when split tested.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to turn off Email Step split testing.
  • Fixed issue with Open Orders created w/ an incorrect subscription term. This was due to an ONTRApage display issue.
  • Fixed issue with multiple ONTRAmail messages saving more than one copy.
  • Fixed error messages for required fields not disappearing when the field was filled out.
  • Fixed issue where filter info would sometimes show twice on collections
  • Fixed issue in messages with Insert Image defaulting to Upload tab after selecting an image tag.

3.0.121 3/16/2015

  • Moved the "Click here to view this email online" link to the top of ontramail templates
  • Fixed issue with Landing pages thank you page preview in smartforms
  • Fixed issue with Send From settings not working as expected
  • Fixed issue with duplicate contacts displaying in a Group for a single account
  • Fixed typo in ONTRAmail template "Rabbit Hole"

3.0.120 3/11/2015

  • Cleaned up the text on the wordpress site information page.
  • Added a timezone indicator for all scheduled broadcasts.
  • Fixed issue with credit card required field when selecting to pay with PayPal Standard.
  • Fixed column sorting on the sequence list page not remembering its previous sorting option.
  • Fixed an issue with Interstellar template submit button not changing colors.
  • Fixed purchases that used a 100% off coupon not being counted as a sale of a product.
  • Fixed an issue with groups not saving their sorting order.
  • Fixed issue with contacts being charged more than once in error.
  • Fixed issue with names not showing up on Steps in a single Sequence.
  • Fixed the Carnivale Ontrapage requiring a Credit Card expiration date when using PayPal.
  • Fixed issue with copying from HTML on ONTRApages.
  • Fixed issue with Dashboard metric "$ Sales Today" counting purchases that were logged for a previous date on that day.
  • Fixed issue with Products containing special characters (*) not saving to the Products collection via an Order Form or the Products collection itself.
  • Fixed not being able to purchase SMS numbers in the UK.

3.0.119 3/9/2015

  • Fixed an error that could occur when uploading videos from Amazon Web Services.
  • Fixed issue where conversions weren't calculating properly on landing pages.
  • Fixed wording with German language pack for unsub pages.
  • Fixed the 404-page not going back to the previous page when the user clicked the back button.
  • Fixed issue with Sequence column "Emails Sent" returning to the "No contacts yet" page.

3.0.117 3/5/2015

  • Fixed issues with Dashboard Reporting with implementation of a new Advanced Reporting Processor.
  • Fixed issue where duplicate List Selection items were being added to Smart Forms.
  • Fixed issue with adding new Sections to Tabs after Save.
  • Fixed issue with editing an ONTRAmail message through workflow: "Schedule and send" would save changes to email. Now you have to click "Save" to save the changes.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the button background color from being changed in the Ontramail->Newsletter->Triple Latte template.
  • Fixed issue with deleted Partners still displaying on the Partner's collection.
  • Changed behavior of Message Editor Save buttons. They now leave the user in the editor, allowing incremental changes, rather than returning to the Message collection as before.
  • Fixed issue with Sequence stats not updating instantly.
  • Fixed issue with the "Hide Completed Tasks" checkbox when viewing tasks associated with a contact.
  • Fixed issue with preview not showing true Smart Form width.
  • Fixed being able to make 2 user roles being the administrator of each other, resulting in a circular relationship.
  • Fixed issue with Spam Score displaying inconsistently on the Settings tab of Ontramail editor pages.
  • Fixed issue with saved search not working as expected after entering a Contact Record > clicking 'Back'.
  • Fixed issue with Send From settings not working as expected.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRAmail one-off: it would send old message content if edited through workflow.
  • Fixed issue that limited the number of rules/conditions that could be added to a collection's Manage Group page.
  • Fixed the "Test Mode" test appearing twice when creating a gateway.

3.0.115 3/2/2015

  • Fixed issues with Product Grid's new Gateway creation workflow.
  • Fixed groups failing to return data when no sequence was selected in the "contains sequence" condition.
  • Fixed display to hide "+ New Split Test" when 4 split tests are present on a Sequence Step.
  • Fixed issue with "Last Ran" not populating on Smart Form Rules systemwide. Also adjusted column width for legibility.
  • Fixed issue with Form Editor's "Add Field" button not working when creating a Smart Form from Tasks.
  • Fixed issue with Manual Transaction Editor scrolling underneath the Actions Drawer on Contacts page. Also adjusted expiration dropdowns for legibility.
  • Fixed issue with the wording in the onboarding message.
  • Fixed issue with reusing URLs of deleted webpages for new webpages.
  • Fixed issue in Messages with image editor's save/cancel buttons not working in IE.
  • Changed font to Open Sans.
  • Fixed issue with Contact Imports counting header row in the total record count.
  • Added clickable labels to checkboxes and radio buttons of a specific type (e.g., on Import Contacts page).
  • Sped up the loading of the Field Editor page
  • Added hover effect for Save button in Contact fields.
  • Fixed issue with long-titled criteria not displaying entirely
  • Fixed transactions in collections not displaying the correct info in the product sales logs.
  • Added the ability to click and drag to expand the text entry fields when editing/creating a Message.
  • Fixed issue with Search by making a new search reset the page to page 1
  • Added IP Address field in the System Information tab for Contacts
  • Fixed issue with overlapping dropdown menus on Step 5 of Import Contacts.
  • Fixed problems with creating a gateway from an ontrapage.
  • Fixed issue with Back/Cancel returning to Message Collection during Create New Email workflows.
  • Fixed issue with linking bullets to the correct destinations on the "New Features!" pop-up.
  • Fixed issue with unprovisioning SMS numbers for canceled accounts.

3.0.113 2/26/2015

  • Added SpamAssassin to ONTRAMail Stats tab.
  • Fixed issue where List Selection fields weren't displaying their type in the field editor.
  • Fixed field validation issue in sequences when pressing right arrow key.
  • Fixed issue with deleting open orders.
  • Fixed "$ Sales" metric in Dashboard to factor in purchase quantity.
  • Fix for search not working when columns were resized.
  • Fixed issue with truncation of group name in the subheader of the Contacts page.
  • Added color to the Type column in the Sequences' Stats column.
  • Fixed issue with the email subject appearing in all caps in the Sequences preview pane.
  • Fixed being able to mark already completed tasks as completed again.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the task details dropdown to not open under certain conditions.
  • Fixed search term display on collections.
  • When a field is deleted, any associated column in the collection is also deleted.
  • Added "Back" button on the dashboard settings page.
  • Fix for image carousel file names to update without refresh.

3.0.111 2/24/2015

  • Clicking the PayPal icon in the Form Editor will no longer redirect to a 404.
  • Fixed creating groups based on 'Partner' in the Pending Commissions list.
  • Fixed issue with two "opt-in notification" emails being sent when paying with PayPal standard.
  • Fixed issue where creating a new SMS message from a date sequence would reset indicated run date/time.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to approve all commissions at once under 'Pending Commissions'.
  • Fixed text in packing slip settings to not mention shipping labels since we do not have Fedex integration in 3.0.
  • Fixed issue with Workflow bar not redirecting correctly to saved items.
  • "Wrap Long Lines" checkbox setting is now retained on saving an email.

3.0.108 2/23/2015

  • Fixed workflow issue for creating a new SMS Number.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect characters showing in Contact History.
  • Fixed issue with Tasks/Contact shortcut not taking you to the Contact Record with first click.
  • Fixed wording on Smart Form Double Opt-in Thank You page settings.
  • Changed wording on Order Forms.
  • Fixed "Edit" button overlap in email step sequence section.
  • Fixed problems with re-using URLs for hosted Wordpress sites.
  • Fixed issue with Smart Form redirecting to incorrect Thank You page (instead of set Landing Page).
  • Fixed display issue with full screen email editor / image manager.
  • Added Grouping to Pending Commissions.
  • Fixed issue with deleting SMS numbers that were improperly setup.
  • Fixed coupon codes not properly discounting trials.
  • Added Date field as an option for Purchase History exports.
  • Removed shipping price preview from Order Form editor.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRAmail not showing correct page element names.
  • Fixed issue with long Tag and Sequence names being cut off in the Contact Record.
  • Fixed Send Test Email to not change pages when pressing enter key to send.
  • Fixed issue where hidden items on ONTRApages were appearing in preview.
  • Fixed Ontrapage forms creating empty rules when saving the page.
  • Added Spam Score to ONTRAmail template settings.
  • Fixed issue with wrong double opt-in email sending via one-off.
  • Fixed declined purchases displaying an incorrect status in Purchase History.
  • Fixed issue with wrong confirmation page showing for new contacts after filling out a Smart Form.
  • Removed the option of being able to re-assign a task to its current assignee.
  • Changed appearance of Image / File Manager.
  • Changed the word 'false' to 'no' in invoices under transactions.

3.0.100 2/18/2015

  • Removed "Tracking Number" column from "Shipped Packages" collection since we do not have a FedEx integration in 3.0.
  • Fixed issue with merge field [Hosted_Email_link] generating invalid URLs

3.0.99 2/12/2015

  • Fixed issue with system fields being added to smartforms.
  • Fixed issue with full screen messages displaying issue when adding images.
  • Fixed issue with name population in workflow to smartforms.
  • Fixed issue with landing pages editor displaying blank screen.
  • Fixed migration issue when migrating, folder names are now converted to tags.
  • Fixed issue with packages not installing custom user fields.
  • Fixed issue with dashboard metric "Average value for a numeric across contacts" calculating values.
  • Added navigation with left/right arrow keys inside the edit field when creating a new object from a drilldown's "Create New" option.
  • Fixed issue with changing groups not resetting pagination to page 1.
  • Fixed sequence workflow issue where saving Ontramail redirected to messages instead of back to workflow.
  • Fixed issue with quantity options not sticking the first time around when adding to Products on ONTRApage templates (specifically 'Carnivale').

3.0.97 2/9/2015

  • Fixed issue with text running together when right-aligned columns are next to a left aligned column.
  • Fixed issue with sequence collection columns where pausing a sequence would reset column sizes.
  • Fixed issue with list selection field not working for Rule conditions.
  • Updated "Send" button on SMS and Email to say "Schedule &Send".
  • Fixed issue with scheduling emails at a time already passed.
  • Fixed issue with shipping not displaying on received invoices.
  • Fixed issue with saving Landing Page as draft from Smart Form settings.
  • Changed sequence steps to display timezone instead of city/province.
  • Fixed issue with wording on side nav banner about custom objects start date.
  • Fixed issue with Contact Log entries to displaying [object object].
  • Fixed issue where List Selection controls could not be deleted in the field editor pages.
  • Fixed issue with save button not working as expected on shipping settings screen.
  • Fixed issue with shipping fulfillment lists not downloading.
  • Fixed issue with editing dashboard / timing out.
  • Fixed issue with save/cancel buttons locking for rules on forms and ontrapages.

3.0.94 2/5/2015

  • Fixed issue in Sales Report "Customer Value Report", values for all time total not matching product history total.
  • Fixed issue where changing quantity on form fillout would overwrite the default quantity.
  • Fixed open order transaction status changing to declined instead of collections.
  • Fixed issue with Actions menu not going away on the Partners/commissions collection (eg attempting to cancel an email send).
  • Fixed issue in ONTRAmail with not being able to edit "small section" titles.
  • Fixed collections to not display HTML.
  • Fixed issue with search giving error message to reset collection.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to download Fulfillment Lists.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRApages workflow back button.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRApages broken preview button.
  • Fix for Contacts back button to go to contacts workflow instead of going through back through all tabs.
  • Changed drop down in Rules to say "Has visited WordPress" instead of "Has visited website".

3.0.90 2/3/2015

  • Fixed issue with rules triggering on total logins field.
  • Fixed issue with Delete Column when field is deleted.
  • Fixed issue with app caching when rule fires to remove sequence.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRAPORT logo magnifying in ONTRAmail.
  • Fixed issue with < and > displaying as HTML when viewing Group criteria.
  • Fixed issue with unsubscribe page. Notify visitor their contact was deleted.
  • Fixed issue with Contacts > Purchases section not properly removing an open orders name from the display after the open order was deleted.
  • Fixed issue with entering HTML into Default Merge Fields. Now saving as expected.
  • Fixed issue with trigger "Sends you an Email" not triggering
  • Fixed issue with import saved selection option not updating when app is not refreshed.
  • Fixed issue with date formatting not showing correctly on next charge dates.
  • Removed the title "NULL" when creating a new task from the notes and tasks tab in contacts.

3.0.84 1/29/2015

  • Fixed issue with rule trigger based on total amount spent.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect email was being used as as Reply-To address.
  • Fixed issue by adding column First Referrer->sales in the contacts collection

3.0.82 1/27/2015

  • Fixed issue with default merge fields not showing in emails.
  • Fixed issue with sequences workflow when saving it in forms
  • Fixed issue where you weren't able to add more Users to account.
  • Fixed issue with IMAP returning an error when certificate is installed on the server is not SSL.
  • Fixed issue with ONTRApages workflow back button